Frequently Asked Questions
Lake Stevens Self Storage Depot

Q.Do you require insurance?

A.Yes, we do require all tenants insure their stored goods. Our storage office offers insurance through a third party (SBOATI) that you can conveniently pay with your storage rent or you can bring in proof of insurance (IE. Declarations page) when completing the rental paperwork.

Q.What security features do you offer?

A.Our storage facility has 24 hour, electronic surveillance cameras for ease of mind. Each customer has their own key pad code to use at our entry & exit gate, so we always know who and when someone is at the facility. Our site uses the latest cylinder latch to secure every door. These stainless-steel locks are similar to the ones you might see on a coke machine; they cannot be cut off.

Q.Why Heated units?

A.During the winter, storing certain items such as electronics or wood furniture in heated spaces can avoid buildup of moisture.

Q.Do you offer insurance?

A.We do not insure any items stored on our property. However, if you have homeowners or renters’ insurance, your company can inform you if your items are covered. We do offer some information for a company that offers insurance for self storage.

Q.Do you sell locks?

A.We will provide you with a free, stainless steel cylinder lock at the time of rental. Each lock comes brand new with 3 barrel keys.

Q.Are there any other costs?

A.When you rent a unit from us, the only cost to you is the first month’s rent and a one-time $10.00 setup fee. There are no deposits required, or tax.

Q.How are payments made?

A.Your storage payments are monthly, with the rent starting on the same day you move in. We accept cash, checks, credit or debit cards. You can mail in a payment, stop by the office to pay, pay over the phone with a card, or even pay on-line at our web site.